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Every market has a story.  

What’s yours?

The 2023 housing market rollercoaster is behind us, and this might be the year of “out with the old and in with the sold.” The 2024 market is already looking sunnier with interest rates dipping, and new listings sprouting up.

Does the same hold true for your market, in particular?

Find out now with the latest release for BrokerMetrics, real estate’s leading business and market analytics tool.

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Discover the all-new, next-level Market Dynamics tool

This latest release for BrokerMetrics combines historical trends with current production data to give you a crystal-clear picture of your market’s current—and potential future—activity. Now you can get answers to questions that brokerages like yours face from both their agents and their buyers and sellers:

  • How’s the market right now?
  • Is this market better for buyers, or for sellers?
  • What is the pricing picture? Is it better?
  • Is housing inventory increasing?

Now online, Market Dynamics gives you the answers with its intuitive, user-friendly interface—so you can tap into your market’s metrics anytime, anywhere.

Intelligent, easy on-demand searches

With Market Dynamics’ search feature, drill down into neighborhoods, cities, and states and discover the latest metrics.

  • Pricing trends: Gain valuable insights into local real estate by understanding how things like the average price per square foot are changing over time. This information empowers both agents and their clients to make informed decisions about buying or selling in their area and know what to expect when it comes to pricing their property or finding the right value.
  • Days on market: Track listing count and closing rates to get a pulse on your market's competitiveness. Compare locations, stay ahead of price fluctuations, and use that information to make calculated buying and selling decisions.
  • Supply and demand: Dive into historical inventory data for any time frame to understand today's landscape. Equip agents and clients with the knowledge to navigate current supply trends and strategize for the current situation.


BrokerMetrics: Your brokerage’s command center

Real estate is filled with uncertainties that can make it hard to know how to answer buyers’ and sellers’ questions in any market. Your intuition and experience are just a couple pieces in your decision-making process. But with high-quality data and insights in BrokerMetrics and the latest from Market Dynamics, you and your agents can feel empowered while helping clients confidently make important decisions around one of the biggest purchases of their life. 


Become your area’s top brokerage with BrokerMetrics

Recruit, retain, and attract top talent 

Identify high-performing agents in your target market, even if they're not currently with your brokerage. Analyze performance metrics like sales volume, transaction count, days on market, and listing-to-sale ratio to make informed hiring decisions.  

Strengthen and grow your business 

Gain insights into your local market, including inventory levels, closing rates, and price trends. With the competitive intelligence in BrokerMetrics, track competitor activity and find your differentiator to develop effective marketing and sales strategies. 

Enjoy additional benefits, too 

  • Save time and resources on data collection and analysis
  • Improve your value proposition in the marketplace
  • Scale your strategy with your brokerage

Now is the time to take 2024 by storm. When you know the market, you can lead the market.

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