Recruiting Creating a Culture of Exclusivity

As discussed in last month’s article "Recruiting – What is Your Value Proposition?" most of the time it seems that the potential recruit is in the driver’s seat.  It feels more like they are interviewing the brokerage and only want to discuss what’s being offered in the way of a compensation package. They give the impression that the brokerage needs to qualify for them to consider joining the office and that it comes down to who will give me the best deal. In their minds, it’s assumed that you will do whatever it takes to hire them.

To counter this attitude you need to look at ways to take back control and to make it apparent to the potential recruit that they need to qualify just as much as you do.

One effective strategy to accomplish this is referred to as the ‘Two Stop’ interview processes. In this scenario, you explain to the potential recruit that the first interview is more of a get to know each other meeting. They need to understand the interview is not just for them to determine if your company would be a good fit for them but also if they would be a good fit for your company.

Central to this strategy is that you do not discuss your compensation package in this interview. You point out that it would be pre-mature to discuss it at this stage as you haven’t yet decided if you’d like them to work with you nor have they decided if they’d like to join your office. Share with them that you never discuss commission plans until both of you have decided it would be a good match and want to proceed. Once you’ve both made that decision; you’ll arrange a second interview and will share the compensation package at that time.