Lone Wolf launches Digital Title Orders for 1.4 million real estate agents in the U.S.

Through unprecedented industry-wide collaboration, Lone Wolf brings digital title insurance orders into national transaction management member benefit, Lone Wolf Transactions

CAMBRIDGE, ON – March 15, 2021 – Lone Wolf Technologies (“Lone Wolf”) has a clear vision for the future of real estate: simpler, faster, and better transactions led by real estate professionals and brokerages. In pursuit of this vision, Lone Wolf is excited to announce a groundbreaking new feature that will simplify and speed up transactions for every real estate agent in the U.S.: Digital Title Orders. The new feature is launching on March 15 in Lone Wolf Transactions (zipForm Edition and TransactionDesk Edition), and access is completely free for users of either solution.

With Digital Title Orders in Transactions (zipForm Edition and TransactionDesk Edition), real estate agents can select their preferred title provider and submit orders directly within a transaction using the information that’s already there, saving significant time and effort in the process of ordering title insurance. Agents also can directly communicate with their title agent within the transaction, keeping everything in one secure place.

“We’re thrilled to launch Digital Title Orders today,” said Jimmy Kelly, CEO and President of Lone Wolf. “Nothing can or should replace the role of the real estate agent and their brokerage in a transaction. This new feature—and the amount of industry-wide collaboration it took to create—is a huge step forward for real estate transactions in a digital-first environment. Thanks to the collaboration and shared visions between industry leaders, we’re thrilled to deliver Digital Title Orders and make a real difference in the lives of our users and their buyers and sellers.”

“Technology is constantly enhancing our ability to provide custom solutions and a superior experience for our customers, and our integration with Lone Wolf is a prime example of the forward-looking technology that will shape the future of our industry,” said Jim Dulle, Senior Vice President and Managing Director at First American Title. “We are excited to launch with Lone Wolf on March 15 and look forward continuing the pursuit of digitizing and simplifying the closing process for all.”

The new feature was made possible through an unprecedented collaborative effort between Lone Wolf and leading title providers, including First American Title Company and WFG National Title, and leading title software providers, including SoftPro and RamQuest, with many more on the way and planned for 2021. Through these individual partnerships, Lone Wolf has created real estate’s first direct integration between real estate agents and title agents and made it available to every real estate agent and brokerage in the U.S. through the member benefit, Lone Wolf Transactions. The national launch of Digital Title Orders kicks off today with First American Title, while those using the RamQuest title production system are also able to get their title companies onboarded within Transactions to connect to their customers. By the end of 2021, Lone Wolf plans to onboard 80% of title companies.

“We’re excited to be able to partner with Lone Wolf for this integration,” said Ben Cork, CSO at RamQuest. “Now more than ever, real estate professionals need to be able to conduct business in a digital environment. Through this collaboration with Lone Wolf, we’re bringing together our technologies to deliver that digital environment and make digital title a possibility for everyone in the industry.”

“Like Lone Wolf, we are dedicated to making the real estate transaction easier, faster, and more cost effective for real estate agents and their clients," said Marty Frame, President of WEST, the technology affiliate of WFG National Title. “As a national provider operating through direct, agency, and enterprise operations, WFG knows that this deep integration with Lone Wolf is the step forward in the transaction process that the industry has been looking for.”

This initiative is part of Lone Wolf’s larger mission to digitize real estate transactions and empower agents and brokerages in their competition for the business of buyers and sellers. To do so, Lone Wolf is connecting real estate’s most used digital tools and services to the transaction solution used in over 75% of all real estate transactions in North America. This gives real estate agents, brokerages, and buyers and sellers a complete digital experience, all in one place.

“We’re here to elevate the real estate transaction experience, and at the heart of that is industry collaboration,” said Jason Cheverton, Vice President of Strategic Channels at Lone Wolf. “Digital Title Orders is a major steppingstone for two reasons: One, it gives real estate agents simple access to a crucial part of a transaction within their existing workflow; and two, it gives them the flexibility to choose the provider they want to work with, now and as we continue to expand the selection of providers available in the months ahead.”


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Lauren Dennard  | Industry Relations

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