Lone Wolf Link

Transforming real estate transactions with the industry’s first two-way integration

Meet Link, real estate’s first two-way transaction management and back office integration. Link brings transactions from the agent to the back office—and back again—in an instant. Get up-to-date details on every deal, whether you’re an agent, administrator, or Broker, and save hours on transaction management.


A simpler transaction experience.

Real estate transactions have a lot of moving parts, and when one thing changes—everything changes. That leaves a lot of people, including agents and clients, in disarray. Link simplifies the transaction experience with:

Real-time updates so staff sees transaction changes in the back
office as soon as they occur

Automatic notifications
for new deals, price, and
commission changes

A central location for
documents and contracts that prompts agents to fix non-compliant deals prior to payment

A single solutions provider
and point of contact for
your staff

Get ready for a workflow without compromise.

From back office to transaction management and back again, Link gets all the right information to all the right people—agents, clients, staff, Broker/Owners—at all times.

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