Solutions for Established Brokerages

Managing a brokerage with any number of agents is incredibly complex and requires user-friendly tools for simple processes and data management. These tools must work together to give agents, administrators, accounting staff and management the reports they need to remain above the competition.
Lone Wolf’s technology does just that. We help real estate brokerages–whether they're boutique offices or mega-companies–spend less time behind a desk and more time on meaningful work.

Technology Built for Large Brokerages, Just Like Yours

Our integrated software solutions are designed to meet all of your needs—data management, business insights, agent tools and everything in between.


Streamlined accounting software with top-tier reporting solutions.

Back Office

Save time and focus on building your business.

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Flip the switch on one-size-fits-all reports and get customized, flexible reports that show you exactly what you want to see. Plus, with the ability to schedule reports, they'll generate themselves automatically right when you want them to.


Get customized reports that work the way your brokerage does.

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We know you're on the move. That's why we ensure you can access your documents and execute transactions anywhere, anytime.

Paperless Deals

Your data available anywhere.

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Why Lone Wolf?

We build tech for the real estate industry, and we’ve been doing it for nearly 30 years. We design our products to fit with your brokerage's unique needs and to work together to improve every aspect of your operations.

  • Reduces data entry to save time and money
  • Streamlines transactions and document management
  • Generates on-demand reports for agents, accountants, and administrators
  • Improves coaching ability with real-time data
  • Integrates major industry software solutions
  • Minimizes overhead expenses
  • Gives you insight into your business’s ROI, productivity, and profitability
  • Scales with your business throughout its lifetime

How Real Estate and Technology Fit Together

With over 28 years of experience, we've learned a few things about how our two industries fit together. Check out some great resources on what happens when real estate and technology meet.

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The Impact of Modern Technology on Real Estate Brokerages

The tech world is rapidly changing. How do you adapt? We've compiled the most recent changes in technology and identified how they may affect your brokerage.

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