Think about it.

You can probably name the major moments that affect our industry off the top of your head: current trends, market shifts, rate changes, and more. But what about the smaller ones? A new family offering on their first home, or an older couple signing the contract and selling their third. A broker interviewing a new agent. An administrator updating the sale price. An agent reviewing market stats for a listing presentation.

Each moment has the power to change your business without warning, which makes it necessary to live in the moment and adapt.

While they’re all quite different, these major and minor moments work together to determine what real estate is, every minute of every day. Each one has the power to change your business without warning, which makes it necessary to live in the moment and adapt on the fly.

“It's no secret—the short-term economic outlook is far from positive right now,” says Jimmy Kelly, CEO of Lone Wolf Technologies. “But we can’t let that stop us. In the absence of market certainty, we’re here to keep real estate moving forward.”

While the current moment is uncertain, it too, will pass. Until then, we need to keep real estate moving by adapting to changes as they come and using the best resources to do so.

That’s why we’re here. 

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What does it mean to be made for the moment?

"To us, moving forward is all about meeting and resolving needs right now ... It means developing and releasing software that’s made for the moment."

"To us, moving forward is all about meeting and resolving needs right now, albeit with an eye to the future," says Kelly. "It means developing and releasing software that's made for the moment—software that helps agents find and nurture new clients when inventory is low and prices are high, software that helps brokerages optimize their operations and improve profitability when new business is slow, software that helps franchises do all the above—and more."

It means designing reliable software for real estate today.

Big or small, each moment counts. Through everything, we’ll be on your side—which is why we’ve worked in the last year to release new updates and tools that help you excel when it’s time to:

  • Find clients, even when it isn’t easy.
    In tough market conditions, clients can be skittish and much harder to find. Boost is now the only real estate lead generation tool that advertises on Nextdoor, the hyperlocal social network. With this new integration, agents and brokers can better target specific neighborhoods with relevant ads, increasing listing exposure and spurring reluctant buyers and sellers to take the leap into the market and reach out. Plus, native connections to transaction management software keep the leads—and the business—in constant motion.
  • Build an online presence that’s always on.
    Building your business’ brand in the online world takes time and technique. With newly updated Lone Wolf Websites, you get a helping hand, with gorgeous designs that capture potential leads and sync with your CRM for targeted drip marketing. Stay connected with your circle all day, every day, while showcasing top industry expertise—at a time when your clients crave it most.
  • Bring people together in the virtual workplace.
    The future of work is here, and it’s bringing new hybrid working environments with it. Digital offices like Lone Wolf Workspace help to solve the daily challenges of communication and transparency by fostering a collaborative, productive online space for your entire brokerage, whether they’re working at the front desk or the one in their bedroom.

With Authentisign, agents can complete signings in just three steps.

Since its original release in 2021, the all-new Authentisign has received over 1.8 million ratings from agents, buyers, and sellers alike, with a 4.5/5 average.
  • Master your market and take control.
    The housing market is ever-changing. Use these changes to your advantage with data analytics tools, like Proficiency Metrics from BrokerMetrics™. With major upgrades in 2022, the new Proficiency Metrics helps brokers understand local agent proficiency and estimate an agent's impact on the brokerage's bottom line at any given moment—and use that information to build a stronger team for an unpredictable market.
  • Empower agents to make a client’s life-changing moment stress-free.
    Whether a client is a first-time buyer or a seasoned seller, their agent has the honored responsibility of creating as smooth of an experience as possible. With the new Authentisign and Lone Wolf Transactions forms and contract editor, you can make sure your agents are equipped to do exactly that, and make the moments that matter to buyers and sellers—offering on their first home, selling for a huge profit, closing successfully—that much sweeter.

It means supporting the people who make these moments happen.

Real estate has always been a people-first industry, and recent years have reminded us of the value in coming together. To keep those connections growing throughout 2022, we cemented pivotal partnerships to bring Transactions as a member benefit to the agents of:

Since using Boost, Howard Hanna has seen over 337,000 leads generated a month, as well as a staggering 8.8% click-thru rate on their digital advertising efforts.
  • The California Association of REALTORS® (C.A.R.)
  • Texas REALTORS®
  • South Carolina Association of REALTORS®
  • Over 70 more associations and MLSs

We're proud to say that this means 665,000 agents in the U.S. and Canada are now covered via member benefit, with tens of thousands more covered via brokerage, franchise, and direct purchase.

This year, we also teamed up with some of the largest brokerages in the U.S., including The Keyes Company and Howard Hanna Real Estate Services, to keep agents, admins, brokers, and clients connected with software made for how real estate works today.

"There are so many technology providers out there, but none can match the breadth or brokerage functionality of Lone Wolf," said Howard W. "Hoby" Hanna, IV, President of Howard Hanna. "Our partnership with Lone Wolf has already yielded significant results, and I'm confident it will continue to give our agents and brokerages a competitive edge in the marketplace in the years to come." 

With these new connections and more forthcoming, real estate is getting stronger. As a result, industry professionals at every level will be able to face the future with greater certainty than ever before.

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In 2023, our agent and broker customers can look forward to more innovative releases that will bring their products and processes even closer together and provide a connected real estate experience for all.

Looking to the future of real estate

"In many ways, 2022 was a foundational year for the future of our technology platform. 2023 will build on that foundation," says Sean Wheeler, CTO of Lone Wolf. "Our agent and broker customers can look forward to more innovative releases next year that will bring their products and processes even closer together and provide a connected real estate experience for all."

We're always moving forward. And we know you are, too. The future of real estate seems like a substantial, looming concept—because in some ways, it is.

But in most ways, the future is made up of countless moments. Whether it's a major moment like finding security during unstable market conditions, or a minor moment like meeting a former client for coffee, we're here to meet them with you.

We'll cover each step.

We'll strengthen every connection.

Together, we're made for the moment.