5 Tips on How to Get Your Agents to Adopt New Technology

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5 Tips on How to Get Your Agents to Adopt New Technology

It’s not easy switching to a new technology. It can be kind of scary to change the way we do things. But who doesn't like getting better, faster, and stronger? Even though change can be difficult, it's also extremely beneficial. Here are 5 things you can do to help your team embrace change and adopt new technology. 

1.    Hire Tech Savvy Agents

Hire agents eager to use technology to enhance their careers, or hire those who are at least open to new technologies. Tech-savvy agents will show interest in your brokerage’s tools during their recruitment interviews, and can be enticed by the technologies you have to offer them.

2.    Proactive Technology Training

Get new recruits trained on your brokerage’s technology right away. Set expectations for the adoption of new technologies and give your agents the resources they need to troubleshoot challenges. Doing so helps them become more proficient in the tech that your office employs. 

3.    Demonstrate Technology’s Value 

Make sure you can answer your agents ‘why' questions about your technology (questions like 'why' should I use this tool? 'Why' is your tech better than my own?) and use meetings/events as opportunities to explain how your technology benefits them. 

4.    Continued Training

Challenges will arise and there is always an opportunity for your agents to become better at using your brokerage’s technology. Every few months, hold an open discussion training session to give tips, get feedback and address challenges. 

5.    Keep Your Team Updated

Technology is not stagnant; it is ever-changing. When you need an update, don't be afraid to upgrade or switch to a new technology. And make sure your agents know what is coming! Be open to their opinions and share with them the advantages of the coming changes. Everyone appreciates a heads-up!

When you are proactive, supportive, and transparent with your technology services, your agents will be more likely to embrace the tools that offer them. Have any other tips? Let us know in the comment section below!