The 2 Steps to Greater Exposure on Twitter for Real Estate Professionals

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The 2 Steps to Greater Exposure on Twitter for Real Estate Professionals

Everyone on twitter wants exposure. The secret? We can all get exposure if we work together. 

Once you have great content to share with your users, here are 2 simple steps to growing your exposure on Twitter:

Step 1. Find Relevant Users

The most obvious way to find relevant twitter accounts on twitter is by searching twitter itself. On twitter, search for hashtags that are similar to the content you share and relevant to your intended audience. For example, try searching for #realestate #technology and see who is sharing valuable content. 

You can also find relevant users on google. If you search “world’s best real estate blogs” you’ll find some articles with recommendations for some great real estate blogs. Use these articles to see who is publishing relevant real estate content and go give them a follow on Twitter!

Another way to find twitter connections is through a BuzzSumo search. On BuzzSumo you can search for words like “real estate technology” and a list is generated of articles that match my keyword and also received many social shares. Once you find relevant articles, search the author of the article on Twitter and follow them.

Step 2: Interact With Relevant Users

If you throw a few likes, share their content and comment on their posts, influencers in the industry will often interact back with you. Not only does this help you engage with the industry and give you content to share on your channel, but it also will increase the engagement you get on your posts and the exposure you get on twitter. 

That’s it folks. Find people and interact with them. Every connection you make on twitter gives you the opportunity for mutual benefits. 

If you find some users aren’t providing relevant content or are not engaging with you, don’t feel the need to keep following them. Focus your limited time on accounts that are helping you gain exposure!

So what are you waiting for? Find some twitter accounts that are relevant to you (and take notes to see what they are doing right). Want a place to start? Check-out Twitter Real Estate superstars Richard Silver and Bill Gassett and start engaging with them. 

Oh, you can also follow another great twitter account at the twitter handle @getlwolf 🙂